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I think is a good idea, not only for my skills in the English language but also for doing a little bit of documentation about the process of building my new Hackintosh to write a series of publications i the blog.

The fisrt step is always the hardest one. Decide which components are the best and adapt all that components to my budget are very important considerations.

Building a Hackintosh is not a complicated process but it needs a good planification and a lot of research about components.You can find a lot of information just googleing or in special sites like osx86, that contains a very active forum and a database in form of wiki. Tonymacx86 that has a blog, a forum and a bunch of excelent tools like the new Chimera, netkas is another good resource but now he is totally dump into Lion.

One of the most important piece of hardware is the Graphic card, and for my pruposes is essential. I’m looking for good performance and also good price. The election is always between Nvidia or AMD (ati). Nvidia has better performance with Adobe Suite and the new engines, I also read about OpenGL and its better results, but at the end the eyeFinity technology from AMD (i can have 6 monitors connected to one card) and the swop Apple is making to AMD lead me to choose a Radeon card. Recently netkas and other sources have revealed that 10.6.7 has support for 6xxx cards, after looking closer at the offer, i pick the 6870 up. Is a medium level card with an affordable price and not very high energy consumption, you can find several versions (some already overclocked). That is my final choice: Sapphire 6870 Amazon

The processor was a little bit easier, i wanted the i7 2600k. I was waiting beacause some rumors talked about new processors for spring (the lecagy of the x58 chipset) but finally seems that they are going to be ready for Q3-Q4. With 2600k you can easily reach 4.5 GHz even 5, so is a great choice and the most expensice part of the project.

Motherboard is a little bit tricky, you have to read a lot blogs, forums and stuff to find something interesting. Gygabite and Asus are the main brands. I wanted a mobo ready for overclocking but also my Hackintosh has to be some kind of portable machine beacuse I’m planning to use in my gigs. For being portable the machine has to be also protected against the ambient. I really like the Asus Sabertooth p67 and after reading i found that is possible to install OSX in that MB.

RAM is not a very important stuff, but in consonance with the rest i pick up 16 gb from Corsair Vengeance, the reason of choosing this kit is beacause the sabertooth is double channel, not triple and although support 1800Mhz, 2600k doesn’t.

Till now we are around 760€, at the end I hope to spend not more than 1200 and  I will have a sort Mac Pro Portable, a machine like that from Apple could be 8000€ or more, so i think I’m saving a little bit.