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off LOOP Barcelona

off LOOP Barcelona

I was commissioned to present a piece in the festival off LOOP from Barcelona.

I prepare an AV interactivity space for the “Studio Nómada”, located in the Gothic neighborhood. The high ceiling allowed me to hang a beamer from it and project into the floor. Since I had no budget, the was no option for a proper projector with lenses. The total area projected was not more than 3×2 meters. Nevertheless we had a lot of fun building it.

The whole system was running thanks to a PlayStation camera with VisibleLight filter and InfraRed light illumination. CCV sent over the network data from users in TUIO protocol. Then, a custom MaxMSP analyzes all those data and dispatches them to Ableton Live for realtime Audio composing and to eMotion ( which was my preferred particle system at that time.

Regarding to audio, notes were generated depending on position of the ‘blob’, then a little bit randomized and scaled to chromatic and pentatonic alternatively.

The particles were responding in different ways: first day with a attraction and repulsion forces, second in a vortex manner and the third day with my favorite force: magnetic. A little bit of behavior was added in Max for more responsiveness.



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December 15, 2012